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  • Cuvée Grand Rosé


    Tasting notes Sparkling pale rose. Fruity and floral (peony, rose) on the nose. Delicate and fruity, supple and fresh with hints of red fruit (black cherry). A sweet pleasure with a subtle length and pronounced elegance
    Assemblage Chardonnay : 88% Pinot Noir : 12%
    Dosage Brut : 6 g/l

    Bottle shipped in its Gift Box

  • Cuvée Extra Brut Naturelle


    Tasting notes : Original and exclusive, Extreme finesse, interplay between mineral notes and complex aromas. Blended with precision. A very pure, extra brut champagne.
     Certified Organic.

    Assemblage: Chardonnay : 60% Pinot Noir : 40%

    Non dosé :Extra Brut

    Bottle shipped in its Gift Box

  • Cuvée Grand Assemblage


    Tasting notes : Fruity and toasty on the nose. Long finish with the finesse of exotic fruits. Creamy texture, delicate piquant bubbles. A champagne of excellence and delight. For your own enjoyment or as a gift.
    Assemblage :Chardonnay: 60% Pinot Noir: 15% Pinot Meunier: 25%
    Dosage : Brut : 7g/l

    Bottle shipped in its Gift Box

  • Cuvée Grande Réserve Chardonnay

    35.00 115.00 

    Tasting notes :Glistening light gold robe, mineral and floral nose. Silky, lively and fruity mouth feel, citrus notes. Powerful in the mouth and long finish. Extremely refined.
    Assemblage : Chardonnay: 100%
    Dosage Brut : 7 g/l

    Bottles and Magnum shipped in their Gift Box

  • Cuvée Premier Cru


    Tasting Notes
    Light and shiny gold robe, sublimated by a sumptuous effervescence.
    Aromas of fresh white flesh fruits and citrus caviar, followed by slightly toasted notes on the nose. Delicate and well balanced palate with a beautiful lingering fragrance.

    Bottle sent in an elegant Jeeper gift box or in a 3 bottles wooden box.

    Chardonnay : 80%
    Pinot Noir : 18%
    Pinot Meunier : 2%

    Brut : 6 g/l

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