Terms and conditions

A – General

Any commercial relationship with our company implies unreserved acceptance by the buyer and his full and complete acceptance of these general terms and conditions of sale, which take precedence over all other documents, and in particular over all general terms and conditions of purchase, except where there is an express and prior agreement with this company stating otherwise.

B – Terms and Conditions of Sale

The term “order” should be taken to mean any order relating to our products listed under our rates and accepted by our company. As soon as the order has been submitted, it becomes irrevocable. However, if our company has good reason to fear payment issues on the part of the customer at the time of the order, or at a later date, or further if the customer does not provide the same guarantees as on the date of acceptance of the order, the company may make acceptance of the order or continuance of its processing conditional upon a cash payment or the provision of guarantees. In the event that a customer makes an order with our company, without having made payment for its previous order(s), our company may refuse to honour the order and to deliver the goods concerned, without the customer having the right to claim any compensation, regardless of the reason.

1) Price: Each sale is accepted at the price in effect on the day of the order.

2) Transportation: Our goods, even in the case of carriage paid sales, are shipped at the risk of the recipient, with the transfer of risk on products sold by our company taking place when the products are given to the shipper, or upon departure from our warehouses. The customer must report any cases of damaged or missing goods on delivery by the shipper. Any product for which a claim (by registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt) was not submitted to the shipper within 3 days of delivery, in accordance with article L. 133-3 of the French Code of Commerce, with a copy simultaneously sent to our company, will be considered as having been accepted by the customer.

3) Delivery times: Delivery times are given as an indication and any delay to the delivery shall not justify either cancellation of the order, or payment of damages. Champagne Jeeper (LDJ) is hereby released from its obligation to deliver in the event of any exceptional circumstances or in the event of force majeure, such as fire, partial or full strike.

C – Payment

1) Unless otherwise confirmed by Champagne Jeeper (LDJ), our orders are payable within 30 days, by bank card, cheque, bank transfer or bank draft.

2) Orders made via our website are payable immediately by credit card or cheque.

3) Any specific agreement regarding payment conditions must be in accordance with current legislation in force at the time of ordering.

4) Except in the case of legal compensation, no deduction from the billed amount will be permitted for any cause whatsoever.

5) In the event that claims are made upon receipt of the goods, notably in the event of breakage, the part of the delivery that was received in good condition and in accordance with the order will be paid for at the agreed price and according to the mode of payment specified at the time of ordering.

6) Failure to make payment by the due date will result in the immediate cancellation of any further delivery and any remaining payments will become due immediately. In addition, the customer shall be liable to Champagne Jeeper (LDJ), without the need for any formalities, for a penalty equivalent to three times the legal interest rate in force on the due date of the bill, calculated on the basis of the unpaid amount. Furthermore, any professional that falls behind with payments will ipso facto be considered a debtor, owing the creditor a compensation of a minimum sum of €40 without documentary proof, besides additional compensation upon provision of said proof.

D – Reservation of Ownership

1)  Champagne Jeeper (LDJ) reserves ownership of the goods delivered to the customer until full payment of the amount owed. Payment under the terms of this clause refers solely to the actual clearance of the cheque, draft or other payment order. The transfer of property of our goods is suspended even in the event that an extension of the payment due date is granted. Any clause to the contrary, notably any clause in the general terms and conditions of purchase, is deemed null and void.

2)  From the time of delivery of the goods, the customer shall bear the risks in case of loss, theft or destruction for any reason whatsoever, and this applies to the time between delivery and the full payment of the price of the goods sold. In the event of an accident, insurance payments shall be forfeited to the value of the unpaid debt.

E – Jurisdiction clause

The settlement of any trading dispute that may arise between the customer and Champagne Jeeper (LDJ) shall fall under the sole jurisdiction of the Reims Commercial Court.

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