History of a brand

of a brand

In 2009, Nicolas and Myriam Dubois, both winemakers and true Champenois, took over the brand and infused it with a powerful new ambition. They wanted to cement its position in the traditional champagne market by creating a new bottle, unique to Jeeper.


2013 heralded a decisive encounter with Michel Reybier. Always in search of excellence products, Reybier family is known internationally and particularly in the wine world for their properties in the Cos d’Estournel (listed Grand Cru of Saint-Estèphe) and their Tokaj estates in Hungary. The Dubois family, current owner of Les domaines Jeeper, registered in the winemaking tradition since 1764, has always had at its heart the production of high quality champagnes. Sharing this passion and this ambition for excellence has linked these two families. Together, they pulled out all the stops to breathe new life into Jeeper Champagnes and build a solid, long-lasting brand.


The culmination of this hard work came in 2014, with the arrival of Jeeper’s «next generation» champagnes. These for non-vintage champagnes are the distilled essance of the brand’s philosphy and unique flavour. They are the embodiment of the Jeeper Taste.

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