Our Vineyards

CAREFULLY SELECTED VINES, offering a real snapshot of the Champagne region.

Jeeper Champagne may be centred on the Faverolles-et-Coëmy commune near Reims in the north-east of the Champagne region, but the company has different production sites around the region and among the different terroirs.


With 40ha of wholly owned vines and 160ha of vines tended by long-term contracted growers in the region (grapes specially selected by Jeeper, including Grand Cru and Premier Cru), Jeeper uses grapes from all over the Champagne region. Since 2009, the company-owned vineyards have been replanted to focus more on Chardonnay production.


Jeeper Champagne performs each and every task needed to maintain and grow its vines in-house. These include planting, replanting, protection, pruning, tying, wire lifting, harvesting, recycling and uprooting the vines.


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