The Jeeper Taste

This is a signature. The Jeeper Taste evokes, first and foremost, the original flavour of Jeeper champagne, which is meticulously worked to ensure high quality and refinement, while still being accessible.

What defines this unique flavour?
Finely balanced wines, dominated by Chardonnay, with great persistence and no harshness, bitterness or astringency.

Each wine is the culmination of a long process: selecting the finest grapes, the art of blending then maturing in vats and barrels for 12 to 24 months to express the Jeeper spirit and give full meaning to the term blending excellence.

The Jeeper Taste is visual, too. This is expressed in the fresh, modern and audacious visual themes used in the brand’s marketing tools, but above all it shines through in the bottles.


These round-bodied bottles (designed by Nicolas Dubois himself) are exclusive and a key part of the brand’s identity. Thanks to the thin neck, the wine-oxygen exchange is limited and the champagne will age better.


With the rounded, elegant shoulder, the wine’s volume is expressed to the full. The labelling is modern and carefully designed, offering a brightly coloured label combined with an embossed gold shield. These signal just how distinctive and remarkable Jeeper’s product is.

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